Willard Birthday Singing

Willard Birthday Singing (Cooper Book)
Buckley Hall, Buckley, Washington
Sunday, August 18, 2013

The fourth annual Willard Birthday Singing on the third Sunday in August, using the Cooper Book and a hymnary of Willard family favorites, was called to order by Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard leading 171.
Bill Walters offered the opening prayer.
Officers led as follows: Arranging Committee Bob Schinske 96;
Secretary David Wright 292b;
Treasurer Kevin Barrans “Sweet Hour of Prayer”;
Chaplain Bill Walters “Fairest Lord Jesus”.
Leaders: Karen Willard “Willard” (by Robert Vaughn);
Heidi Kissinger & Hannah Kissinger 45t;
Kate Coxon 72;
Bruce Rowland “Seeking the Lost”;
Reed Schilbach 61;
Nancy Price 49t;
John Carson 163t;
Kathy Vlach 589;
John Wiens 81;
Shannon McGuire 137;
Cornelia Stanton 511t;
Erik Schwab 567;
Clarissa Fetrow 404;
Scott Kennedy 276;
William Price 31t.
Karen Willard called the class back to order leading 105b.
Leaders: Lucinda Saue “Where We’ll Never Grow Old”;
Lindy Groening 156;
Katy Kanfer 536;
Destiny Woods 282;
Anna Stoerch 328;
Jinx McGuire 440b;
Greg Saue “Leoni”;
Darlene Simpson-Brown “Abide With Me”;
Jeff Begley 133;
Steve Helwig 311;
Linda Selph 397;
Marilyn Murata 478;
Carla Smith 436t;
Johnny Lee 451;
Carolyn Thompson 55;
Anne Huckins 288;
Erika Wilson “Nearer, Still Nearer”;
David Wright 594.
“Happy Birthday” was sung for all those with August birthdays.
Bill Walters asked the blessing on the noon meal.
Kathy Vlach began the afternoon session with song on 508.
Leaders: Marla Elliott 165;
Katy Kanfer 479;
Jeff Begley 67;
Anna Stoerch “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”;
Steve Helwig 398b;
Carolyn Thompson 196;
Bill Walter “Tallis’ Canon”;
Cornelia Stanton “Count Your Blessings”;
Erika Wilson 515;
Lindy Groening 331t;
Kevin Barrans 544;
Linda Selph 497;
Johnny Lee 41;
Carla Smith 150;
Clarissa Fetrow 32b;
Erik Schwab 63;
Kate Coxon 148;
Melissa Stephenson 439;
Heidi Kissinger 49b;
Kathy Vlach “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”;
Scott Kennedy 283;
Greg Saue “Sine Nomine”.
Karen Willard brought the class back with 575.
Leaders: Bob Schinske 330t;
Shannon McGuire 331b;
John Wiens 179;
Marilyn Murata 200;
Darlene Simpson-Brown 206;
William Price “At the Cross”;
Jinx McGuire 486;
Anne Huckins 107;
Hannah Kissinger “Jewels”;
John Carson “Revive Us Again”;
Reed Schilbach 500;
Lucinda Saue 207b;
Bruce Rowland 166;
Nancy Price 324;
Destiny Woods 207t;
Lindy Groening 357;
Carolyn Thompson 47b;
Johnny Lee 569.
Following announcements, Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach led “God Be With You” as the closing song.
Bill Walters dismissed the class with prayer.
Co-chairpersons—Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard; Secretary—David Wright

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