Poland Mid Summer Cooper Book Singing

Poland Mid Summer Cooper Book Singing
Świetlica Środowiskowa, Zawory, Poland
20 July 2013

The first Poland All Day Cooper Book singing was held on the Saturday before the third Sunday in July. Gosia Perycz called the class to order leading 101t and welcomed the class to Zawory. Father  Błażej Matusiak offered the opening prayer.  
David Lee of Hoboken, Georgia was introduced as the guest singing school teacher. David spoke about the history of Cooper Book singing in his hometown of Hoboken. He demonstrated the traditional “Hoboken style” of singing Sacred Harp by leading 68b, 410, 465, 572, 73t, 478, 95b, 378t, 388, 364, 511t, 511b, and 539. David also demonstrated differences in styles by singing 47t with two beats, then four beats and then in the Hoboken style sung from Lloyd’s Hymnal.
Steve Helwig called the class back to order leading 268t. David Lee continued the singing school portion of the day with a workshop on walking time. After demonstrating the technique with 45t, 348t and 378, David had each member of the class practice walking time with common, triple and compound time songs.  Following the workshop, David requested leaders to practice walking time on the song of their choice. 
Magdalena Gryszko 45t;
Olgierd Orlikowski 108b;
Father Błażej Matusiak 31t;
Justyna Orlikowska 58;
Mary Helen Dupree 52t;
Gosia Perycz 204;
Piotrek Zarzycki 159;
Alma Molędys 65;
Jacek Borkowicz 29t;
Joanna Mankiewicz 87;
Karolina Materek 49t;
Steve Helwig 71;
Kama Dembińska 134;
Karen Willard 138t.
David Lee resumed the singing school by leading a selection of songs not generally sung out of other shape note hymnals; 263, 55, 563, 492, 502, 519, 140, 328, 503. Błażej Matusiak blessed the noon meal.
Steve Helwig called the class back to order leading 39. David Lee spoke briefly about the importance of this music as a gift and the responsibility we as singers have to pass it on to the next generation. Leaders:
David Lee 47b, 96;
Kathy Lee 29b;
Mary Helen Dupree 583;
Karen Willard 585;
Piotrek Zarzycki 142;
Gosia Perycz 505;
Magdalena Gryszko 571;
Alma Molędys 587;
Olgierd Orlikowski 215;
Kama Dembińska 102;
Father Błażej Matusiak 393;
Justyna Orlikowska 277;
Jacek Borkowicz 274t;
Steve Helwig 98;
Kathy Lee 171;
Gosia Perycz 123b;
Mary Helen Dupree 389t;
Kama Dembińska 99;
Olgierd Orlikowski 383;
Piotrek Zarzycki 239;
Magdalena Gryszko 276;
Father Błażej Matusiak 463;
Justyna Orlikowska 107;
Jacek Borkowicz 376;
Karen Willard 559;
David Lee 514;
Steve Helwig 591. 
Gosia Perycz and David Lee led 207b as the closing song. 
David Lee gave the closing prayer. Class was dismissed.

Chair -- Gosia Perycz; Secretary – Steve Helwig

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