Mount Rainier Cooper Book Singing

Mount Rainier Singing (Cooper Book)
Buckley Hall, Buckley, Washington
Saturday, August 17, 2013

The fifth annual Mount Rainier Singing on the Saturday before the third Sunday in August was called to order by Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach leading “A Song of the Pacific Northwest” (422t with new lyrics by David Wright).
Bill Walters offered the opening prayer.
Officers led as follows:
Arranging Committee Anne Huckins 324;
Secretary David Wright 344;
Treasurer Kevin Barrans 373.
Leaders: Destiny Woods 155;
John Wiens 59;
Clarissa Fetrow 380t;
Nell Whitman 140;
Bob Schinske 563;
Darlene Simpson-Brown 195;
Solomon Ossa 133;
Scott Kennedy 38t;
Reed Schilbach 571;
Paul DePew 38b;
Linda Selph 405;
Marilyn Murata 229;
Mark Miller 511t.
Johnny Lee spoke about the genesis of the new (2012) Cooper Book revision and led 46.
Chase Arevalo 482;
Carolyn Thompson 411.
Kathy Vlach called the class back to order leading 145b.
Leaders: Erika Wilson 416t;
Bruce Rowland 572;
Betsy Jeronen 31b;
Elysse Laskey 40;
Dan Thoma 42;
Desirae Fendel 443;
Greg Saue 505;
Erik Schwab 239;
Matt Ebarb 36b;
Anna Stoerch 364;
William Price 146;
Marla Elliott 393;
Jeff Begley 123b;
Katy Kanfer 524;
Zoe O’Neal 129;
Ethan Hardy 546;
Lindy Groening 99.
Bill Walters asked the blessing on the noon meal.
Karen Willard opened the afternoon session leading 461.
Leaders: Kathy Vlach 98;
Steve Tarr 438b;
Steve Helwig 220 (for Eamonn O’Neill and Melissa Kelley);
Lucinda Saue 58;
Ken Hallock 273;
Kate Coxon 68t;
Karen Willard 514;
Carla Smith 436b;
Kate Fine 149;
John Carson 463;
Cornelia Stanton 410;
Ciara Haider, Rei Sandy, & Marla Elliott 89;
Dan Thoma 587;
Kevin Barrans 581;
Mark Miller 588;
Ethan Hardy 504t;
Chase Arevalo 132.
Kathy Vlach brought the class back to order with 559.
Leaders: Steve Tarr 66;
Lucinda Saue 49b;
Marilyn Murata 484;
Nell Whitman 210;
Johnny Lee 95b;
Erika Wilson 275t;
Scott Kennedy 518;
Lindy Groening 355;
Jeff Begley 108b;
Carla Smith 39;
Carolyn Thompson 383;
Linda Selph 450;
Steve Helwig 158;
Katy Kanfer 41;
Anna Stoerch 336t;
Ken Hallock 30t;
Kate Fine 54t;
Greg Saue 507b;
Cornelia Stanton 573;
Darlene Simpson-Brown 590.
Announcements were made. 61 people from five states and Canada were present. Carla Smith offered the Resolutions Committee report thanking the Creator, the singers who came before us, and all the officers and workers of the singing.
Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard led 147 as the closing song
Bill Walters dismissed the class with prayer.
Co-chairpersons—Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach; Secretary—David Wright

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