Hoboken Monthly Sing

Hoboken School Sing
Hoboken, Georgia
14 September 2013

David Lee called the sing to order by leading 68B.
Leaders called:
Clarke Lee 166,
Riley Lee 306,
Frank DeBolt 500,
Kendra Strickland 101t,
Andy Crawford 334,
Jessica Altman 99,
Terry Herrin 107,
Johnny Lee 515,
Stephanie Carter 505,
Tony & Lynn Batten 63,
Shane O’Neal 514,
Ashley Thompson 78,
Raymond Hickox 75,
Willis Lee 511t,
Gavin Baxley 206.
Clarke Lee brought the sing back to order leading 111b.
Leaders called:
Timothy Altman 348t,
Julie Lee 133,
Dinah East 288,
Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 40,
Kirsten Skipper & Donna Howard 59,
Clarke Lee 31t,
Willis Lee 336t,
Frank DeBolt 518,
Kendra Strickland 330,
Andy Crawford 38t,
Gavin Baxley 340.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made and David Lee led 207b as our closing song. We were dismissed with prayer through Andy Crawford.

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