Hoboken Monthly Sing

Hoboken School Sing
Hoboken, Georgia
15 June 2013

Riley Lee called the sing to order by leading 495b.
Leaders called:
Clarke Lee 328,
Frank DeBolt & friends 283t,
Frank DeBolt & friends 344,
Frank DeBolt & friends 398b,
Johnny Lee 96,
Steven Taylor 148,
Raymond Hickox 288,
Shane O’Neal 47b,
James Williamson 511t,
Jessica & Tabitha Altman 77t,
Kenneth Cason 563,
Bryant Lee 45t,
Maria Taylor 572,
Wendell Cason 124.
Clarke Lee brought the sing back to order leading 380b.
Leaders called:
Glenda Hickox 164,
Delda Lee 61,
Johnny & Delda Lee 46,
Steven Taylor 100,
Raymond Hickox 47t,
Shane O’Neal 358,
James Williamson 559,
Jessica & Timothy Altman 348t,
Maria Taylor 277,
Julie Lee 39,
Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 27,
Clarke Lee 287.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made and Riley Lee led 514 as our closing song. We were dismissed with prayer through James Williamson.

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