Hoboken Monthly Sing

Hoboken School Sing
Hoboken, Georgia
19 January 2013

We met at 5:30 pm and David Lee conducted a singing school. We learned that pitch and time are the two basic principles of singing Sacred Harp. We studied pitch and practiced singing the scale. Another singing school will be held next month to learn about keeping time.

At 7:00 pm, David Lee called the sing to order by leading 68b (walked time)
David Lee 59,
Riley Lee 191,
James Williamson 511t,
Terry Herrin 328,
Delda Lee 392,
Shane O’Neal 47b,
Steven Taylor 106,
Frank DeBolt 49b,
Dinah East 82,
Gene Burnsed 264b,
Billy Lee 448,
Sherry Herrin 107,
Richard & Walker Lee 64,
Richard & Walker Lee 344,
Raymond Hickox 47t,
Johnny Lee & Walker Lee 451b.
Riley Lee brought the sing back to order by leading 485.
Andy Crawford 162,
Chaz Smith & Shane O’Neal 500,
Chaz Smith & Shane O’Neal 505,
Kathy Lee 503,
Julie Lee 195,
Marie & Steven Taylor 572,
Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 543

Announcements of upcoming sings were made and David Lee led 207b as our closing song. We were dismissed with prayer through Riley Lee.

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