Hoboken Monthly Sing

Hoboken School Sing
Hoboken, Georgia
16 February 2013

We met at 5:30 pm and David Lee conducted a singing school. We reviewed our lesson from last month about pitch and then studied time-keeping and practiced walking time. This concludes the singing school for this year.

At 7:00 pm, David Lee called the sing to order by leading 68b (walked time).
Leaders called:
Clarke Lee 329,
Frank DeBolt 323b,
Shane O’Neal 358,
James Williamson 505,
Amy Steuver 511t,
Johnny Lee 46,
Tony & Lynn Batten 63,
John Gardenour 535,
Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 444t,
Billy Lee 475,
Andy Crawford 47t,
Gavin Baxley 348t,
Julie Lee 344,
Jason Deal 72,
Delda Lee & Tina Walker 392,
Brooks Strickland 96,
Jerome Lee 75,
Raymond Hickox 422t.
Riley Lee brought the sing back to order by leading 295b.
Leaders called:
April Dell 28b,
Kirsten Skipper & Donna Howard 107,
Stephanie Carter 573,
Joyce Gardenour 143,
Kenny Hickox 500,
Kathy Lee 501,
Russell Murray 31b,
Shane O’Neal & Gavin Baxley 47b,
Gavin Baxley 101t,
Kirsten Skipper & Mallory Thrift 587,
Stephanie Carter & Joe & Shirley Thigpen 451b.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made and David Lee led 207b as our closing song. We were dismissed with prayer through Andy Crawford.

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