Hoboken Monthly Sing

Hoboken School Sing
Hoboken, Georgia
20 April 2013

At 7:00 pm, David Lee called the sing to order. Instead of calling leaders to the floor, we selected songs from around the room and sang together.
Clarke Lee 67;
Clark Lee 106;
David Lee 368t;
Raymond Hickox 68b;
Shane O’Neal 285t;
Sandra Lee 573;
Jessica Altman 329;
Lisa Harris 65;
Willis Lee 527;
Terry Herrin 328;
Russell Murray 500;
James Williamson 511t;
Frank DeBolt 91;
Bryant Lee 64;
Sherry Herrin 274t;
Julie Lee 133;
Kathy Lee 374;
Gavin Baxley, Audrey Lee, Timothy Altman 348t;
David Lee in memory of Bud Oliver 270.
David Lee 591;
Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 516;
Willis Lee 336t;
Gavin Baxley 340;
Sandra Lee 563;
Timothy, Tabitha, & Jessica Altman 45t;
David Lee 514;
Shane O’Neal 413;
Frank Debolt 229.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made and David Lee led 207b as our closing song. We were dismissed with prayer through Terry Herrin.

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