W. L. Green / Baldwin County Convention

W L Green/Baldwin County Sacred Harp Convention
Church of Christ Fellowship Hall
Bay Minette, Alabama
21-22 January 2012

Saturday, January 21

The W. L. “Bill” Green Memorial / Baldwin County Sacred Harp Convention was opened by Bill Hogan leading #101t who then gave a warm welcome to all in attendance.  He led 36b. 
The opening prayer was offered by Roberta Strauss.
Leaders: Rodney Ivey 558;
J.A. Mosley 572;
Alice Mosley 484;
Nate Green & Norma Green 95;
Mary Whitehurst 145t;
Roberta Strauss 218;
Nancy Hogan 145b;
B.M Smith 559;
Henry McGuire 464;
Bill Kelley 100;
Joan Aldridge 84;
Henry Johnson 426b;
Aubrey Barfield 230;
Judy Caudle 478;
Leigh Cooper 163b;
Karen Rollins 136;
Susan Cherones 392 in memory of John Merritt;
Tim Jones 120;
Karen Willard 91;
Adrian Nall 235;
The class was brought back to order by Rodney Ivey leading 384.
Leaders: Jesse Karlsberg 133;
Tim Taylor 102;
Paul Figura Higher Ground composition by and in memory of John Merritt;
Ken Kelley 404;
Mrs. Aurora Crook 388;
David Ivey 416;
Tommie Spurlock 376;
Sue Bunch 293b;
Judy Chambless 512;
Richard Ivey 210;
Sharon DuPriest 229;
Daphene Causey 501;
Morgan Bunch 428;
Sony Erwin 511t;
Stanley Smith 225t.
The Chair recognized Hugh McGraw who asked members of the Bill Green family to join him in the square. He told of Mr. Green’s contributions to Sacred Harp.  Mr. McGraw presented a plaque from the Sacred Harp Company to his wife.  The Chair led 380t which was written by Bill Green.
Singing continued with Bridgett Kennedy 450;
Kelsey Sunderland 567;
Martha Beverly 140;
Mark Godfrey 47b.
The Chair recognized Cleo Murphy and the Southeast Distress Vocal Choir from Mobile, AL (Cleo Murphy, Mary Murphy, Hester Gray, Mary Lucy, Sandra Steward, Annie Mae Smith, Terris Dillard, Willie Steele, Edward Mitchell) who sang “Heaven on My Mind” and “I’ll Tell the World”.
The class sang 369 and Robert Strauss offered the blessing for the noon meal.
The afternoon session was opened by Bill Hogan leading Mercy Seat #96. The Chairman thanked everyone for the wonderful lunch and announced cards available to sign for the sick and shut-in.
Leaders: Shannon Guinn 220;
Reba Dell Windham 505;
Stuart Ivey 522;
Jeff Sheppard 497;
Shirley Figura 67;
Charlene Wallace 277;
Karen Ivey 500;
Lloyd Jones 463;
Loretta Jones 138t;
Sarah Beasley 519;
Cheryl Foreman 30b;
Ed Bass 447t;
Scott Ivey 98;
Lauren Bock 477;
Robert Chambless 72;
Kevin Dyess 63;
Rick Foreman 108b;
Voncille Nall 38t;
Mary Amelia Taylor 99;
Anne Drexler 282;
Charlotte Naylor 186.
The floor was opened for announcements. Bill Hogan, Rodney Ivey, J.A. Mosley and Roberta Strauss led 527 for the closing song.
Roberta Strauss ended the Saturday session in prayer.

Sunday, January 22

The Sunday morning session was called to order by Bill Hogan leading 29b.  Afterwards he gave a short devotional reading of Psalm 105, led 32t.
Roberta Strauss offered the opening prayer.
Leaders: Rodney Ivey 575;
J.A. Mosley 101t;
Alice Mosley 343;
Nate Green & Norma Green 544;
Mary Whitehurst 395b;
Roberta Strauss 300;
Nancy Hogan 324;
Rick Foreman 543b;
Voncille Nall 507b;
Kevin Dyess 142;
Robert Chambless 405;
Anne Drexler 87;
Henry McGuire 518;
Lauren Bock 524;
Ken Kelley & Will Kelley 434;
Eva Padgett 47b;
Ann Fox 500;
Scott Ivey 443b.
Bill Hogan brought the class back to order with 494.
Leaders: Reba Dell Windham 559;
Cheryl Foreman 470;
Kristen Kelley, Ken Kelley & Will Kelley 573;
Sara Beasley 380;
Loretta Jones 285;
Lloyd Jones 45;
Karen Ivey 410;
Shirley Figura 122;
Stuart Ivey 361;
Mark Godfrey 65;
Martha Beverly 39;
Kelsey Sunderland 137;
Stanley Smith 200;
Sonny Erwin 488t;
Morgan Bunch 168;
Judy Chambless 367;
Richard Ivey 54t;
Karen Willard 486.

The memorial committee presented the memorial lesson. Morgan Bunch spoke for the sick and shut-in and commented on our web of connection to the people on the list and noted how he felt the support of this connection personally during his surgery last year.  He read Psalm 6:1-4.  Those on the sick and shut-in list are:  Jim Helke (IL), Bud Oliver (AL), Martha Jane Fowler (AL), Lonnie Rogers (GA), Jaunita Hill (FL), Wilburn & Leara Ellison (AL), Faye Jones (AL), Curtis & Edith Owen (TX).   Morgan led 465.  Cheryl Foreman spoke for the deceased.   She commented how we remember these with sorrow and joy.  Those who have gone before have served to mentor us both in the music as well as the traditions of Sacred Harp.  Those of us who were drawn to Sacred Harp initially by the music, soon realized that we are continually drawn by the fellowships we develop.  Each on the list of the deceased have influenced all of us.  Those on the deceased list are: John Merritt (AL), Travis Keeton (AL), Becky Schildman (IL), Marie Ivey (AL), Ernestine Pipkin (AL), John Shippee (GA), Bob Meek (KY), Melvin Stiefel (AL), Wayne Morgan (AL).  She led 288 for the deceased.  Roberta Strauss closed in the memorial lesson in prayer.

Singing continued with the following leaders:
Susan Cherones 571;
Bill Aplin & Vickie Aplin 567;
David Ivey 491;
Becky Briggs 377t;
Sue Bunch 268b;
Paul Figura 46.
The class sang 369 and Roberta Strauss gave the blessing for the noon meal.
The class was called back to order for the afternoon session by Bill Hogan leading290.
Leaders: Tim Jones 461;
Jesse Karlsberg 357;
Sharon DuPriest 222;
Tommie Spurlock 99;
Adrian Nall 393;
Leigh Cooper 464;
Judy Caudle 86;
Aubrey Barfield 365;
Henry Johnson 426t;
Cheyenne Ivey 77t;
Bill Kelley 442t;
Paul Figura & Shirley Figura in honor of Bud Oliver 73t;
Bridgett Kennedy 30b;
Rick Foreman & Cheryl Foreman 276;
Anne Drexler & Roberta Strauss 146;
Bill Beverly & Martha Beverly 511;
Sonny Ervin & Judy Caudle 344;
Karen Willard, Tracy Warner & Tom Willard 505;
Kelsey Sunderland & Richard Ivey 297;
Kevin Dyess & Bobbie Meacham 274t. 

The floor was opened for announcements of upcoming sings. Bill and Nancy Hogan, Rodney Ivey, J.A. and Alice Mosley, Nate and Norma Green and Roberta Strauss led 323 .  Roberta Strauss closed the convention with prayer.

Bill Hogan Chairman, J.A. Mosley and Rodney Ivey Vice Chairmen, Roberta Strauss Chaplain, Nancy Hogan and Mary Whitehurst Arranging Committee.

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