Alabama Cooper Book

Alabama Cooper Book Convention
Travelers Rest Church
Samson, Alabama
11 November 2012

Bill Aplin 159; Opening Song;
Opening prayer by Wayne Jones
Tim Jones 355;
Tim Jones 274t;
Tim Jones 461;
Victoria Aplin 76b;
Victoria Aplin 377t;
Ernest Cockcroft 358;
Ernest Cockcroft 553;
Chip Westbrook 573;
Chip Westbrook 500;
Frank Strickland 108b;
Frank Strickland 563;
Billy Kelley 544;
Billy Kelley 571;
Wynette Smith 146;
Wynette Smith 164;
Tim Jones 463; Call Back
Edd Bass 309;
Edd Bass 507b;
Voncille Nall 497;
Voncille Nall 38t;
Mike Jones 94;
Mike Jones 341;
Jewell Rowland 340;
Jewell Rowland 384;
Ken Sundberg 180;
Ken Sundberg 70t;
Loretta Jones 30b;
Loretta Jones 138t;
Wayne Jones 99; Call Back
Jerry DeLoach 112;
Jerry DeLoach 172;
Linda Westbrook 348t;
Linda Westbrook 465;
Adrian Nall 505;
Adrian Nall 484;
Janet King 270;
Janet King 82;
Bill Aplin 369; Sung as Blessing;
Bill Aplin 401; Call Back
Tommie Spurlock 336b;
Larry Shaw 85;
Larry Shaw 478;
Lloyd Jones 435;
Lloyd Jones 451;
B. J. Miller 510;
Joe Nall 69;
Joe Nall 356;
Stanley Smith 288;
Wayne Jones 72;
Wayne Jones 54t;
Lelon Phillips 572;
Lelon Phillips 30t;
Aubrey Barfield 212;
Aubrey Barfield 120;
Bill Aplin ; 59b words, sung to tune of Precious Memories;
Frank Strickland 63; Call Back
Stanley Smith 345t; For Eva Padgett
Aubrey Barfield 47b; for Faye Jones
Bill Aplin 416t; for Erma Shirrah
Wynette Smith 129;
Wayne Jones 464;
Loretta Jones 380t;
Aubrey Barfield 186;
Bill Aplin 62; Closing Song;
Closing Prayer by Ernest Cockcroft

Chairman Bill Aplin, Vice Chairman Tim Jones

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