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DOREMI shapenote music font: $50

Available for both Macintosh and Windows environments. It is a font, installed like any other font, that must be used in conjunction with a typesetting program, such as Coda's Finale. It cannot be used on its own to typeset music. It is sent via e-mail. Contact us if you are interested.

Cover of Christmas Harp Tunebook
First published in December 1994 and now in its 3rd edition,  this collection is made up of songs with sacred Christmas and Advent words from the mostly rural, mostly non-denominational, mostly shapenote American oblong tunebooks of the eighteenth through twentieth centuries. This edition has 97 tunes (an increase of 9), of which 30 are minor songs and one is mixolydian. Ninety-two of the tunes are in four parts; five are in three parts. Several more songs from British traditions have been added to this edition. The book has a spiral wire binding and heavy cardboard cover. ISBN 978-1-61584-532-3.

1-9 copies = $18 each; 10+ copies at once = $16 each
PDF version suitable for tablets = $10 see description below
Books are mailed via USPS Book Rate or by International Priority; PDF is sent via e-mail.

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An American Christmas Harp is available in PDF for those who wish to consult it from a tablet, such as the iPad. It is easy* to sing from a tablet, especially in low-light situations, and makes suitcases lighter (leave the book behind) when travelling to shapenote singings.  Those who find tablets easier to hold than physical books will also appreciate this format. It is quite legible on the screen sizes of the Kindle HD Fire and iPad Air (2013 model). Each copy sold in this format will be personalized with the customer's name. Instructions on how to load it onto your device, and suggestions for which applications make it easy to navigate during a singing will also be provided.

*There is a short list of songs that cannot be sung from a tablet because they are two-page songs with multiple verses printed as poetry on the 2nd page, rather than with the music staves. One work-around is to print out the extra verses onto a piece of paper & hold it adjacent to the tablet while singing. List of these songs:

#26 Water Town
#30 Judea
#47 Sherburne
#49 Shiloh
#56 New Bethlehem
#90 Star In The East
#130 Shepherds Arise
#132 Hark Shepherds Hark